EU will support US call for further investigation into the origin of Covid-19

European Union countries are ready to support the U.S. request for a new investigation into the origins of Covid-19 after conflicting information has come to light about where the outbreak began, a European official has revealed to Bloomberg agency who stressed that leaders are calling for transparency about the origin of the pandemic.

In a draft of the declaration that European countries and Washington hope to adopt during the bilateral summit to be held following the meeting of G7 leaders in Cornwall between 11 and 13 June to which the agency has had access, it will ask for “progress in a transparent, evidence-based and expert-led phase 2 study, convened by the WHO on the origins of covid, which is free of interference.”

Although the main hypothesis among scientists remains that the virus was transmitted to humans through contact with animals, the United States and other countries have called on China to be more transparent with its data and allow greater access after new information emerged that an accident may have occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. , the city where the virus was first detected.

A new investigation risks fueling tensions with China, which has strongly rejected suggestions that the coronavirus would have come out of a lab, an accusation previously made by former US President Donald Trump. A World Health Organization report by 14 international experts earlier this year concluded that the most likely origin was natural, but also called for more studies since they had not been able to find the origin of the pathogen.

The declaration is a draft and could change before U.S. and European leaders meet in Brussels on June 15.

The interim document also says the U.S. and the EU “are committed to working together toward developing and using rapid and independent means to investigate outbreaks in the future.”

In a surprise statement last week, Biden revealed that U.S. intelligence remained divided over the origins of the pandemic, reinting new life to theories that the virus may have escaped from a lab. As the president explained, two “elements” of the intelligence community, which he did not identify, leaned toward a natural origin of the virus, while another leaned toward the Wuhan laboratory.

Biden has asked those intelligence agencies to deliver a report to him in 90 days, which could lead to further tension with China given that it would be published before the G-20 summit, where the US president could meet with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Photo Source: Reuters

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